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...Ummmmm. Cornelia? Hay Lin? Will? Anyone?

...I need new clothes.

/Fairy Tale 2/ Princess is pissed. [Audio]

[Faint sounds of Napoleon cowering the background can be heard]

Helloooo? Anyone out there? Is this thing on? Testing, testing!

...I think it’s on, Lills. Give it a try.

[slight pause, dramatic clearing of throat]

I, Princess Lillian, have found myself in a very weird, scary place. My subject, Sir Napoleon, thinks this device may be a…neat high-tech Walkie-Talkie. For anyone who hears this message-

[Distant high-pitched giggling, like Bakemon, Lillian yelps]

...uhhh, where am I and how’d I get here?

[Pause, next voice is soft and low]

Hey dolls? Any of you out there? The little princess needs a bit of a welcome party.